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Wire Puzzles and Brain Teasers

At Livewire Puzzles we have been making and selling puzzles since 1979. We are a home-based business located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We specialize in the production and sales of wire disentanglement puzzles. This is the puzzle type where the goal is to separate two interlocked parts, most often a ring or a handle, from the main body of the puzzle. Our puzzles vary in difficulty. Some are suitable for those who prefer less of a challenge, while others are much more complicated and intended more for the serious puzzler. We also have several medium-difficulty puzzles that lie in between the two extremes.

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3 Pages of Puzzles
left edge  1. Puzzles For The Playful     right edge
These puzzles range from easy to medium difficulty. They will provide plenty of enjoyment without leaving you stressed out. Choose from nine designs.
Level 1 Puzzles
Spacer Squaring Off Puzzle
left edge  2. Puzzles For The Persistent right edge
This is our difficult category of puzzles. With these you will have to buckle down and put on your thinking cap. Choose from nine designs.
Level 2 Puzzles
left edge  3. Puzzles For The Proficient right edge
If you want puzzles that are very difficult then this is the place. Solving one of these is an achievement. Choose from seventeen designs.
Level 3 Puzzles


Puzzle Sets

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Best Value: Puzzle Sets

Christmas Tree
Ornament Puzzles

Hang these on a tree
or anywhere you wish
to celebrate the joy
of the season!

Frosty the Puzzle Man
Oh!, Oh!, Oh!
Spruced Up Tree
Stocking Stuffer
Wish Upon a Star

Puzzle Earrings

Puzzle Earrings

Puzzles For Your Ears

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