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Customer Comments: "Squaring Off" Puzzle

From: B.C., Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

I was given "Squaring Off" sometime ago. It has led to many sleepless nights. After passing it to a friend, he solved it in a weekend, which now leads to endless ribbing. Please help.

From: T. McKay, Calgary, Canada

You have been on my mind on and off for three years now.

After the first year of torment and sleep loss, I passed the "Squaring Off puzzle", aka "the devils idea of a good laugh" to all my friends. Each time I got it back with the "yea right" response.

Well, I hate to say it but I GIVE UP. There, are you happy? I said it. Now, Please Help Me End This Suffering...

From: D.W., Regina, Canada

I just recently got your puzzle called "The Squaring Off Puzzle" and I finished it in about 1 hour and 40 min. My Aunt And Uncle(who gave me the puzzle) said was the record 1 hour and 30 min. So I felt pretty proud that I got it only 10 min behind the record. My Aunt and Uncle were pretty mad though, they expected it to take me 40 hours!

The Squaring Off Puzzle
"Squaring Off" Puzzle