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FREE Printable Word Search Puzzles - Large Print

Word Search
Word Search puzzles are a fun and relaxing pastime. The rules are simple. Each puzzle presents the user with a grid of letters and a word list. Find and circle all of the listed words or phrases that are hidden in the grid. The words may be hidden in any of the following directions: horizontally, vertically, forwards, backwards, and diagonally.

Large Print
Because we have limited these wordsearch puzzles to 24 words or less, we were able to use a large Font size, making puzzle solving much easier on the eyes. They are formatted to print perfectly on an 8 1/2" x 11" single sheet of paper. Just select a puzzle and print.

These word search puzzles are free for personal use and may also be used in homes, classrooms, seniors centres and hospitals. They may not be used for commercial purposes or included in newsletters, magazines, or other publications. They may not be posted on other websites.

New Puzzles
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New Recent Puzzles
Added October 31, 2017
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80's Songs 4 (Puzzle, Solution)
80's Songs 5 (Puzzle, Solution)
90's Songs 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
90's Songs 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
90's Songs 3 (Puzzle, Solution)
90's Songs 4 (Puzzle, Solution)
90's Songs 5 (Puzzle, Solution)
90's Songs 6 (Puzzle, Solution)
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Adverbs 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Adverbs 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Air Flight (Puzzle, Solution)
Animals 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Animals 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Animals 3 (Puzzle, Solution)
Animals 4 (Puzzle, Solution)
Animals 5 (Puzzle, Solution)
Animals 6 (Puzzle, Solution)
Animals 7 (Puzzle, Solution)
Astronomy 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Astronomy 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Autumn (Puzzle, Solution)
Baseball (Puzzle, Solution)
Car Parts 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Car Parts 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Christmas (Puzzle, Solution)
Christmas Season (Puzzle, Solution)
Comedy Movies 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Comedy Movies 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Comedy Movies 3 (Puzzle, Solution)
Comedy Movies 4 (Puzzle, Solution)
Cooking 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Cooking 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Dance Crazes (Puzzle, Solution)
Dance Styles (Puzzle, Solution)
European Countries 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
European Countries 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Fantasy 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Fantasy 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Fantasy 3 (Puzzle, Solution)
Farm 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Farm 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Fish 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Fish 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Fish 3 (Puzzle, Solution)
Flowers 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Flowers 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Geometry 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Geometry 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Golf (Puzzle, Solution)
Good Eating (Puzzle, Solution)
Hockey (Puzzle, Solution)
Movie Actresses 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Movie Actresses 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Musical Instruments 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Musical Instruments 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Musical Instruments 3 (Puzzle, Solution)
Musical Movies 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Musical Movies 2 (Puzzle, Solution)

Old TV Shows 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Old TV Shows 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Old TV Shows 3 (Puzzle, Solution)
Old TV Shows 4 (Puzzle, Solution)
Old TV Shows 5 (Puzzle, Solution)
Old TV Shows 6 (Puzzle, Solution)
Parkinson's Disease (Puzzle, Solution)
School (Puzzle, Solution)
Sci-Fi Movies 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Sci-Fi Movies 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Sci-Fi Movies 3 (Puzzle, Solution)
Smells Fishy 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Smells Fishy 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Spring (Puzzle, Solution)
Summer (Puzzle, Solution)
Weather 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Weather 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
Winter 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
Winter 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
World Currencies 1 (Puzzle, Solution)
World Currencies 2 (Puzzle, Solution)
World Currencies 3 (Puzzle, Solution)

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