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The "Pyramid Scheme" Puzzle
Object: Remove the handle from the pyramid.
Difficulty: Difficult
Dimensions: Body: 4" (10 cm) diagonal
Handle: 4 1/4" (11 cm) long
Materials used: Nickel-plated 1/8" (3.18 mm) wire

This is a real gem of a puzzle. Sure, we at Livewire Puzzles love all our puzzles: each one has at least one redeeming feature that endears it to us, but it is also true that we don't love them all equally. Pyramid Scheme is really special.

In the puzzle world, the rarest type of puzzle is the lateral-thinking puzzle. Despite all our research over the last sixteen years, we have uncovered only a handful of them. Of all the puzzles we currently sell, only Pyramid Scheme and Pentangle have solutions that rely almost completely on lateral thinking. The more logical and systematic you are in your approach, the tougher you'll find these two puzzles.

Pyramid Scheme has its origins in a similar two-dimensional puzzle that has been in our collection for many years, and because the original version required force to solve, it took us a very long time to figure out. Despite this shortcoming, and it is not a minor one as far as we're concerned, we saw the beauty of the solution and set to work redesigning it to function without force. It took awhile, but we did succeed.

To say much more about Pyramid Scheme risks revealing some clue to its solution, and that would spoil the fun. Let it suffice to say that most of our logical puzzle solvers and many of our more creative thinkers have struggled for a longer-than-usual time on this one. They all agreed on one point however: they loved it!

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Pyramid Scheme Puzzle
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