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The "Ringleader" Puzzle
Object: Remove the ring.
Difficulty: Medium to difficult
Dimensions: 9 1/2" (24 cm) long
Materials used: Nickel-plated 3/32" (2.38 mm) steel wire

At first glance Ringleader appears similar to puzzles we've made in the past. It is, however, markedly unique. The coil combined with the rigid nature of all the components of the puzzle require the solver to incorporate several subtle moves in order to remove the ring. Despite its relatively simple appearance, Ringleader is definitely trickier than it looks.

When I first produced this puzzle I didn't think that it could be solved, either with or without force. But after several hours of frustrated effort I discovered that the puzzle could be solved quite elegantly without having to distort the coil whatsoever. It is the discovery of the subtle and elusive moves that makes Ringleader such a challenging and enjoyable puzzle.

One final note: getting the ring back on requires more thought than simply reversing the steps.

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