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No Paper Required
All of these word search puzzles are meant to be solved online. You will need to use a Java enabled browser to solve them. If you have Java disabled in your web browser you will need to enable it.

Word Search
The object of each puzzle is to find the listed hidden words. In each of the puzzles there are between 17 and 50 words. The words may be hidden in any of the following directions: horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards, and backwards.

The puzzles are organized into the following topics: Noteworthy Dates, Music, Movies & TV, Sports & Receation, Food, Animals, Science, Geography, Literature, and Miscellaneous.

Once you begin a puzzle, your progress will be timed. Challenge yourself to find all the words as quickly as possible.

Additional Puzzles
Bookmark this page and check it regularly. New word searches will be added each month.

Printable Word Searches
For a large selection of puzzles that can be printed, try FREE Printable Word Search Puzzles.


Noteworthy Dates
Valentine's Day (Puzzle)
Winter (Puzzle)
Christmas (Puzzle)
Halloween (Puzzle)
Spring (Puzzle)
Autumn (Puzzle)
Fourth of July (Puzzle)
Thanksgiving (Puzzle)
Elton John Songs (Puzzle)
Girls' Name Songs (Puzzle)
90's Songs 1 (Puzzle)
90's Songs 2 (Puzzle)
90's Songs 3 (Puzzle)
90's Songs 4 (Puzzle)
Radiohead Songs (Puzzle)
80's Songs 1 (Puzzle)
80's Songs 2 (Puzzle)
80's Songs 3 (Puzzle)
Musical Instruments 1 (Puzzle)
Musical Instruments 2 (Puzzle)
Beatles Songs 1 (Puzzle)
Beatles Songs 2 (Puzzle)
Hip-Hop Artists (Puzzle)
Elvis (Puzzle)
50's Songs (Puzzle)
60's Songs (Puzzle)
70's Songs (Puzzle)
Movies & TV
Comedy Movies 1 (Puzzle)
Comedy Movies 2 (Puzzle)
Hitchcock Movies (Puzzle)
Movie Actors (Puzzle)
Movie Actresses (Puzzle)
Movies: Musicals (Puzzle)
Sci-Fi Movies (Puzzle)
Stephen King Movies (Puzzle)
Golden Girls (Puzzle)
Old TV Shows 1 (Puzzle)
Old TV Shows 2 (Puzzle)
Old TV Shows 3 (Puzzle)
Old TV Shows 4 (Puzzle)
Sports & Recreation
Sports (Puzzle)
Scuba Diving (Puzzle)
Chess (Puzzle)
Baseball (Puzzle)
Hockey (Puzzle)
Indoor Games (Puzzle)
Summer Olympics (Puzzle)
Outdoor Games (Puzzle)
Classic Toys (Puzzle)
Candy (Puzzle)
Breakfast (Puzzle)
Cookies (Puzzle)
Fruit (Puzzle)
Pizza (Puzzle)
Food Groups (Puzzle)
Chocolate Bars (Puzzle)
Pies (Puzzle)
Ice Cream (Puzzle)
Zoo Animals (Puzzle)
Pet Store (Puzzle)
Dogs (Puzzle)
Birds (Puzzle)
Fish 1 (Puzzle)
Fish 2 (Puzzle)
Animals 1 (Puzzle)
Animals 2 (Puzzle)
Animals 3 (Puzzle)
Carnivores (Puzzle)
Herbivores (Puzzle)
Omnivores (Puzzle)
Science & Technology
Constellations (Puzzle)
Astronomy (Puzzle)
Electronics (Puzzle)
Flowers (Puzzle)
Marine life (Puzzle)
Insects (Puzzle)
Human Skeleton & Organs (Puzzle)
Solar System (Puzzle)
Head & Neck (Puzzle)
Weather (Puzzle)
USA State Capitals (Puzzle)
USA States (Puzzle)
Capital Cities of Europe (Puzzle)
Countries of Europe 1 (Puzzle)
Countries of Europe 2 (Puzzle)

English Class (Puzzle)
The Raven (Puzzle)
Oliver Twist (Puzzle)
Hamlet (Puzzle)
Macbeth (Puzzle)
Air Flight (Puzzle)
Family Ties (Puzzle)
Languages 2 (Puzzle)
Fantasy (Puzzle)
Languages 1 (Puzzle)
Photography (Puzzle)
Colors (Puzzle)
Cooking (Puzzle)
Computer Jargon 1 (Puzzle)
Computer Jargon 2 (Puzzle)
Adverbs 1 (Puzzle)
Adverbs 2 (Puzzle)
Circus (Puzzle)
Clothing (Puzzle)
Tools (Puzzle)
Transportation (Puzzle)
Time (Puzzle)
Farm (Puzzle)
Friendship (Puzzle)
Santa Claus (Puzzle)
Car Parts (Puzzle)
School (Puzzle)
Days & Months (Puzzle)
Careers (Puzzle)
Phonetic Alphabet (Puzzle)
Sewing (Puzzle)
The Beach (Puzzle)
Tool Box (Puzzle)
USA Presidents (Puzzle)
World Currencies 1 (Puzzle)
World Currencies 2 (Puzzle)
Boats (Puzzle)
School Supplies (Puzzle)
Deck of Cards (Puzzle)
Teeth (Puzzle)

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