History of Puzzles.ca

The Puzzles.ca website was born in 1995. It was originally the online presence of Livewire Puzzles, the maker and seller of finely crafted wire disentanglement puzzles. Through this website and at craft shows, tens of thousands of puzzles were sold.

Over the years, we created, and kept adding to, a Free Fun section. This section proved to be very popular, in particular the Printable Sudoku and Printable Word Search puzzles.

In 2016, Livewire Puzzle's puzzle craftsman retired from puzzle making and the decision was made to gradually phase out puzzle sales and to focus on free printable puzzles.

In January of 2018, Livewire Puzzles sold Puzzles.ca to one of the Free Fun section's puzzle contributors.

In February of 2018, the Livewire Puzzles website was officially renamed Puzzles.ca.

Also in February of 2018, Puzzles.ca was proud to partner with Arkadium, inc, to provide our visitors with a large selection of fun online games to play.

Note: If you are a happy or frustrated owner of a LWP puzzle and have comments, questions or a solution request, Livewire Puzzles would be happy to receive an email from you and can be reached at fgregory@telus.net.