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These online Sudoku puzzle games are all free to play and solve. Choose from 5 games. Each game offers hints and solutions. You may save your sudoku puzzles in progress and return to them later. Each of the puzzles feature a timer. See how fast and efficient your solving skills are.

Printable - Large Print

Although these Sudoku puzzles are designed to be played online, for puzzle solvers who prefer the pencil and paper experience, each of the puzzles may be printed and fit on one sheet of paper. The large print is a benefit for people with less than perfect vision.

Standard Sudoku Rules

Each puzzle grid is divided into 9 blocks of 9 squares. The grids are partially filled with some numbers to begin with. Complete the grid using the numbers 1 to 9. No number may be repeated in any row, column or block.

Printable Sudoku

This is our most popular puzzle game. Choose from four difficulty settings, Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert.

Printable Sudoku

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Printable Sudoku

These fun puzzles are a slight variation of classic sudoku. In addition to the standard rules of play, the numbers 1 to 9 may not be repeated in either of the two diagonals.

Printable Sudoku

This cool math game will give your brain a workout.
For the rules to Mathdoku, see HELP in the in-game MENU.
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Printable Sudoku

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